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Keynote Speakers

The Open Texas Program Committee is pleased to announce Jasmine Roberts-Crews and Dr. Karen Cangialosi as keynote speakers for the Open Texas 2022 Conference.

Jasmine Roberts-Crews


Jasmine Roberts-Crews is a lecturer in the School of Communication at the Ohio State University, where she teaches in the areas of public relations writing, digital activism and campaign strategy. Her advocacy work centers on the experiences of people of color, women and queer communities. Along with her communication expertise, Professor Roberts-Crews is also a renowned open education leader. She has delivered numerous keynote presentations across the country on the topics of inclusion and social justice in open education. She is the author of the openly-licensed book "Writing for Strategic Communication Industries." In her spare time, she loves to connect with her wife, fur babies (2 dogs), and green babies (50 plants total).

Dr. Karen Cangialosi


Dr. Karen Cangialosi is the Program Director of the Regional Leaders of Open Education (RLOE), an OE Global/CCCOER network designed to build OE leadership in postsecondary institutions across North America. She is also a co-founder of the Institute for Racially Just, Inclusive and Open STEM (RIOS) and serves as the RIOS Director of Open Ed and Open Science. She is frequently invited to present and consult about open education in the US and abroad and is a course developer for the Open Education professional program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  A biology professor and fierce student advocate, she incorporates open pedagogy into all her courses, and she leads faculty development efforts in open and critical digital pedagogy. Because she believes that scientific investigation should be transparent, widely collaborative and designed to serve the public, she advocates for integrating the principles and practices of Open Science into the undergraduate STEM curriculum. She has also been a long-time street activist and community leader fighting for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, anti-racism, and social justice.

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