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See below for instructions to

access the conference.

Who Are We

Logging into the Attendee Hub Website:

  1. Click the "Go to Open Texas 2022" button above.

  2. Enter your info. You'll be prompted to enter your first name, last name, and email address. Then click Next.

  3. Verify your account. You'll either receive an email and text message containing a verification code, or just an email (check your junk mail!). Enter the code when prompted, and click Log in.

  4. You'll be logged in and taken to the Attendee Hub website's Home page.

  5. You'll find links to sessions under the "All Sessions" tab on the Attendee Hub website.


Tips for a Successful Conference:

  1. Try to log into the Attendee Hub website prior to the conference start date to avoid technical difficulties on conference day.

  2. There is an "Information for Attendees" page with additional information inside the Attendee Hub website.

  3. You can change your profile visibility settings to visible under "View Profile" on the Attendee Hub website if you want to connect with other Open Texas 2022 attendees during the conference.

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