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Meet the Open Texas Committee Members: Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez (Digital Experience)

My two most significant professional/physical accomplishments - My Doctorate & Spartan Racing.

Name: Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Where do you work?

Laredo College

What do you do there?

Dean of Academic Innovation & Technology

Where did you go to school?

Regent University

Where is your hometown?

Laredo, Texas

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I compete (with myself) in Spartan Obstacle Course Racing

How did you get involved with the Open Texas Conference?

Laredo College is a member of DigiTex, and I heard about the opportunity through them. Since Laredo College is looking into one day becoming an OER institution, I felt that becoming part of this committee would help me learn from my colleagues, which in turn would help me take Laredo College into that direction.

The interest in open education seems to be growing. Why do you think that is?

I believe institutions are working towards OER because the need among students is so great. Textbook costs are on the rise and if institutions can help students by becoming an OER institutions, why wouldn't we? Higher education should not be something students cannot afford, we should make it affordable for everyone to be able to obtain an education. That is why we are here!

What do you think will change about open education in five years?

I strongly believe if we continue to collaborate and work towards Open Texas, in five years all Texas institutions will be OER institutions.

What are your professional goals for the next five years?

I have many professional goals, but the one that is most significant with the work we are doing with Open Texas is to help Laredo College become an OER institution and be at the forefront of OER, genuinely making a difference in students' lives as well as sharing with others around the country the great work that is being done not only at Laredo College but in the great State of Texas.


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